Free Realms Cheat Codes Walkthrough

The followinging items become available by selecting the 'Redeem-A-Code' option and entering the corresponding code. These codes can also be used in-game and items are limited to one use per account. These items can't be traded and some cannot be sold.

Unlocked Striped Shoes - Level 1 'Free Job' Clothing:
Enter the code KN78CH2

Unlock Charcoal Bermuda Shorts - Level 1 'Free Job' clothing:
Enter the code 6TNBTGH

Unlock Robgoblin T-Shirt - Level 1 'Free Job' Clothing:

Unlock Twilight Layered Skirt - Level 1 'Free Job' Clothing for Females:
Enter the code MPT38B3
Unlock Mother's Day Bouquet - Level 1 'Free Job' Item (limited time):
Enter the code ROSESFORMOM

Unlock Doggy Bowling T-Shirt - Pet Clothing:
Enter the code JFRE87J

Veggie Surprise (turn into fungal man-eating plant):
Enter the code FACEBOOKFANS01

Unlock Spider Snack (turn into shaggy spider):
Enter the code CMNJGGE

Unlock Froggy Fries (turn into a Frog):
Enter the code FACEBOOKFANS02

Unlock Goat Cheese (turn into a goat):
Enter the code FACEBOOKFANS03

Unlock Checker Charged Helmet - Level 1 Kart Driver Item:
Enter the code FACEBOOKFANS06

Unlock Crystal Hammer - Level 1 Brawler Weapon:
Enter the code N4PF9R3

Unlock Shadowblade - Level 1 Ninja Weapon:
Enter the code FACEBOOKFANS04

Unlock Dynamite - Level 1 Miner Tool:
Enter the code FACEBOOKFANS05
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Free Realms Cheat Codes Walkthrough

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