ICHO Chapter 3 Walkthrough

ICHO Chapter 3 All Walkthrough

You find yourself on a bridge, and you're blocked at either end. There are 3 sets of entrance towers with two doors. Each door is labeled W for West and E for East. To start, you are closest to E1 and W1.
- The NAVIGATION SCREEN at the top right shows the bridge, and the 3 sets of towers.
- The WHITE BUTTON below the Navigation Screen shows keyboard shortcuts
- The GOLD BUTTON at the bottom right is a SAVE feature. You can click that at any point, and 2 white buttons appear. The Left button is for SAVE AND LEAVE and the Right button is for SAVE AND CONTINUE
- The NAVIGATION WHEEL at the bottom of your screen is for movement. The outer yellow arrows choose where to view and the inner green arrows choose where to move.


- go forward to inspect the RED TRAFFIC CONES. notice that there are 6 of them
- your close-up view shows you the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cones. lift 2nd & 4th to reveal letters
- note the letter and location, but the color of the letters is not important

- click the doorknob of W1 to enter
- look left and move all the SANDBAGS to reveal a letter
- as you head up the stairs, you'll note that there is red on the STEPS. go forward then look back to reveal a letter
- click the bottom of the purple POSTER to lift it and reveal a letter
- move the FIRE EXTINGUISHER to reveal a number
- open RIGHT LOCKER to reveal a number
- open left locker and look down to pick up BATTERY
- click back of LAPTOP to insert battery
- look at PLANT to see letter
- look closer at PAPERS ON DESK, then move them to reveal a password clue. The 4th cone, poster, fire extinguisher, 2nd cone, sandbags, steps, locker, plant
- hit power button to turn laptop on, then enter PASSWORD (it IS case sensitive AK3MRE2f)
- follow computer code to get the order for the RED LIGHTS on the WALL PANEL (numerically: 3 2 3 4 3 4 5 4 3 or directionally: L R R L R R L L)
- look in cabinet to retrieve DOOR HANDLE
- attach handle to door, then move through hallway and down ladder to exit through E1 door

- enter door W2
- on first landing is WALL CABINET
- on second landing, click the railing for HANDLE in SECRET COMPARTMENT
- on third landing, lift poster to reveal HIDDEN COMPARTMENT and notch for handle
- attach handle and turn, wall cabinet is now unlocked
- you'll need 2 KEYS to unlock the door at the top of the stairs, but you can only take 1 at a time. You can figure out which keys will work by looking at the shape of the lock openings
- if the keys are numbered
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
3 opens the right lock, 5 opens the left lock
- under POSTER at top of the stairs is another clue (I honestly don't know what it's a clue for, so if anyone wants to let us know, that would be most appreciated!)
- enter room and move books on desk to reveal a CLUE for the order of the code
- look at the MONITORS to reveal the numbers for the code
- starting from middle bottom and working clockwise, (like seen behind the books) you get 581623
- enter CODE on numbered WALL PAD to get HANDLE
- attache handle to door, move through hallway, then move down ladder
- grab PICKAXE at bottom of ladder


- use pickaxe on right-most BOULDER to break it
- door W3 is still blocked, and E3 is locked, so you'll have to find another way out
- flip a traffic cone, then press orange button to reveal a HATCH
- go down the ladder, follow the hallway and enter the CONTROL ROOM


- look on the ground to find DRAWING of squares. Two of the squares have dots on them. this is telling you how many times to hit each of these buttons on the corresponding CONTROL PANEL. The trick is that you have to orient the drawing the proper way. Look around the room to see where the drawing was taped up. The corner piece is still there, so you can match that to the paper on the floor
- to enter the code, if the numbers were like a keypad, hit #4 twice, then #9 three times
- pick up the WHEEL
- attach wheel to pipe opening above gauges


- when water fills the room, look under the poster on the wall and press button to get sucked out with the water
- at final screen, hit top left button to return to control room and try again

(WARNING: if you get to the screen with the blue earth below you, and black space in front of you, and only two white buttons, the Left button will take you to a different website and you'll lose the game in your window)


- when water fills the room, take wheel back
- go up to ceiling, attach wheel and go up hatch
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