Mini Putt Walkthrough

On hole 17, put your ball at the bottom left corner, then aim at the 5th cobblestone above you, instant hole in one.

Hole one put the ball just right of the center at the top the curve your aim left with max power. This might not work.

Hole 2 put your ball at the top right, aim the ball to the farthest hole at the top, and give it enough power to skip over the hole in front of it. not too much power though.

Hole 9 put the ball facing the inside of the first loop not the middle or the outside and it should work.

Hole 12 aim right up the middle not quite max power but alot should be used it should work.

Hole 5 put ball on top left, then aim through the gap on the top right. not too much power
11 hole in ones. you should try it.
WARNING: when drinking moutandew when playing you may have the feeling to go and have a party and rock out, but after. side-affects include: belching, farting, and the erge to take a big pooo, if you experience any of these affects you know you did it right.
4 - put the ball in the top right corner and put the last yellow dot on the top part of the third arrow from the bottom just to the right of the number four
18 - put the ball in the bottom left corner and put the third yellow dot from the end on the lowest arrow directly below the gray bar
1:Use your own 5 iron in real life for this game
2:break your computer of frustration
3:eat kfc while playing
4:drink eggnog as it gets your keyboard messy
5:egnore # 6
6:do not be awsome at this game
7:live in you causins basemnt thats younger than you
8:do not egnore # 8
9:stop being confused with this tip as it is usefull
10: do not use top left corner when placinmg ball
11:call this helpfull
12:do not remember what the top said.if you dont remember "do not"(wich means do)pay more attention
13:Do not call me wierd as i have a mental condition (no im just rly 13)(lol wtf? am i cancling this out with the top?)
15: read # 14 carefully as it tells you an awsome cheat
16:remember how many ducks live in your pet buffalo
17: do not be carefuill when handleing ropes around the lower areas of your body in a tug of war with a dog
18:read # 17 again with a dog
19: meat barbra strisand
20: start over again and then continue to 21
21:do not correct me
22: read other peoples posts first
23: be glad its over
24: now as i learned in music class... almost always a 2nd ending or repeat sign...
21: do not be happy
22: re read top
23: make fun of me
24:be happy
25:wow i am honaltly done
Mini Putt Cheat



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