Laundry Escape 2 Walkthrough

Pick up camera. Click on question mark next to camera to zoom in on it. Turn it around and look through the pictures. Notice the license plate that says "call#"

Zoom in on laundry detergent dispenser and click on small gray button. Pick up screwdriver.

Go right and pick up light bulb that is resting on the metal rod behind the chairs.

go right, click on bell to zoom in. Use screwdriver to remove screws from panel on the right. To view the panel click right again. Back all the way out.

go right, zoom in on phone and then number pad. click the numbers that correspond with Call# (2255#). Pick up coin.

Zoom in on bulletin board and read the postings.

Zoom in on toy machines twice and use coin to get a ball. Back all the way out. Throw ball at "X" on the wall.

go right and click upwards. Place light in ceiling fixture and get the key. back out and notice the direction and color of the socks hanging. Zoom in on out of order dryer and click on it to collect another coin.

go right, zoom in on soda machine and use coin to get a soda.

Go left twice. Click on the red detergent bottle hanging from the ceiling. Put soda in the bucket.

Back out and pick up detergent bottle. Click the ? to view the bottle and click the cap and get a knife from teh bottle.

Click on the ball on the floor and use the knife to pry open the hatch. Use the silver key to open it. Get pliers.

Go left once and zoom in on bell and go right for the panel. Click RLRRLR for the buttons.

Go left. Use pliers on bell to cut the key. Zoom out to obtain key on the floor. Use key to leave.

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