Maps Escape 2 Euro Edition Walkthrough

Table view
1. behind pot plant on floor – Germany
2. Behind brown books on shelf – Estonia
3. Top view of pot plant on table – Ireland
4. Bottom draw of cabinet - Austria
5. Pot plant on top of cabinet – Belarus
6. Use pink key to open right side cupboard – Norway
7. Use cyan key to open glass doors - Turkey
Main door view
1. On globe - Iceland
2. Behind books zoomed in on cat picture – Poland
3. On base of pot plant next to globe - Russia

Yellow chairs view
1. In sunset middle window – Bulgaria
2. Open safe with dark blue key and + & - code from bedroom – Italy, greece

Clock view
1. Lift yellow cushion - Croatia

View of bed
1. In centre of headboard – Sweeden
2. Right had cupboard (orange key) – Finland
3. Right hand draw (light blue key) – Hungary
4. Left hand draw (yellow key) – Slovakia
5. Left hand cupboard (purple key) – Benelux countries
Chest of draws view
1. Top draw - Ukraine
Wardrobe view
1. In wardrobe behind coat hangers – Spain
2. In wardrobe behind green box - Romania
Window view in bedroom
1. In left hand window – France
2. Zoom in on chair – Britain.
1. Light blue key, top view of pot plant on map table (right hand side) – opens bedside cabinet
2. Yellow key on cat picture- opens bedside cabinet
3. Black key on top of book case use stick to get it. – opens clock
4. White key behind left hand yellow chair. – opens wardrobe in bedroom
5. Brown key behind base of globe. - Opens fire place
6. Pink key turn over plant pot on table – Opens right hand cupboard in same view
7. Orange key wardrobe view in bedroom, very bottom of bed – opens bedside cabinet
8. Cyan key in colour code safe in bedroom – opens glass doors of cabinet near table.
9. Dark blue key in right hand arm of chair (use knife) – opens safe behind yellow chair.
10. Purple key in safe behind yellow chair. Opens bedside cabinet

Video Walkthrough

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