Morbid Walkthrough

(a hand prompt will show when there's a clickable area)

Opening scene, click towards your right.

Click towards the tree to your left and collect parchment.

Back out and click on the fence to find a pot.

Click on the gate beyond your current scene and click on the tombstone furthest left to collect Holy Water.

Click back out till you view tree, and click towards your right to the back of the house. Collect hammer then click on stump, click the upper right inside the door to collect Wooden Stake.
Go towards the front of the house and click towards the mid-right to go to Water Wheel. Click towards the Stone Wall in the back to view pond. Collect the spiky stick near the front, that's a Ladder.

Go to the front of the house and click again till you view the door and window. Place Ladder here and climb.
Click a little above the window and then click chimney. Collect the Soot (or Carbon Black as they're calling it in the game), go back towards the window and use your hammer on the bars. Enter house.

Go towards the fireplace and find a clickable area in the fire. Collect the Torch.

Now click left of the stool on the floor to go left. Collect the Lever that's against the door. Now you're able to open the door.

Go back to the right and open the cellar door that's between the stool and table. When inside cellar, click on barrel and use pot.

Go back upstairs and place pot on hook. Wait for water to evaporate. Look inside pot and collect Salt.

While you're here you can also check the Parchment for what you need to do. Also combine Stake with Holy Water.

Leave through the front, when you're in view of the door, window, and ladder, click the fence to go to the Smokehouse. Enter and use Torch. Collect the Garlic located at the left of the rack. Put the Torch away and leave.

Go back to the water wheel and click on it. Use the Lever and click it to activate. Back out, now click to the left of the lever, there's a path to the cave.

Enter cave and go up the stairs. Place the Garlic and Soot (Carbon Black) on door. Open door. Take map from bookshelf. Take Salt and click on coffin, it will form a circle around it (wait till it's done).

Click the coffin again. Select the Stake and then the Hammer and you're done!

The map and the lighting of the candle (when you're in view of the vampire) are optional things and aren't really relevant to the story. The ending is the same either way.
Morbid Video Walkthrough

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