Murphys Gesetz 9 - Fantasy Walkthrough

paint the mushroom by brush and paint near the window

break the pan flute by a rock near the big rock with the sword

put soap in oil can thing

use wind key above the door with the sheep and move it to the monster

the guy will pick the wrong mushroom, he should turn into a water can

move the cloud until the cloud turn very dark
he should be shot by the lightning

water the worm by a green water can
when the monster get sheep click red ring and switch it with blue ring do it quick
he should be hit by the monster because of broken pan flute

after switch scene

switch the sword at his back with a pink furry sword at lower left quickly before he does any action
he should be beaten by the orge because the invisible ring was switched by us weee

he will use his sword, it turned out to be a fake sword he was beaten agian.

finally he's got a scroll, unfortunately the bird had eaten the worm that we poured the water on at the beginning of the game. so,it should poop on the scroll.

again, the spell doesn't work because the poop he was beaten again.

i got 170 i think i missed one thing idk what i missed

Source: Escape Games 24

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