Claustrophobic Closet Escape Walkthrough

Move the blue shoe box by clicking the bottom of the it.
Open the black shoe box and take STRING.
Go right and look inside the cardboard box.
Click the sock until it cant be moved anymore. Then click the book until that cant be moved anymore. Keep clicking the hat until you are able to get the CLOCK.
Examine the clock and click the bottom right of it to flip it over. Open it and take BATTERY.
Go left twice and click the right side of the yellow shirt to move it until you see a PIN attached to the white shirt.
Click the right side of the brown box on top shelf to move it left. Take FLASHLIGHT.
Go right and use the pin on the blue bag to open it.
Click near the yellow and purple clothes to find a KNIFE.
Go right and cut the pillow with knife.
Take the MAGNET.
Examine magnet and attach the string.
Click the vent in the upper right and use the magnet to get the second BATTERY.
Examine flashlight and insert batteries.
Go left twice and move the red and purple clothes to reveal the wall.
Use the flashlight on the wall to get the code 7390.
Click between the purple and grey clothes to find a SCREWDRIVER.
Use screwdriver on both hinges on door and escape.

Claustrophobic Closet Escape Video Walkthrough

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