Obama RatFace Game Walkthrough

Obama RatFace Game Text Walkthrough
Get LIQUOR LIGHTER &2 RCKETS in first room
Use RED rocket & lighter to get out by window
Get HAMMER & HAPPY MEAL open happy meal get HAMBURGER
Talk about school to hidden boy in barrel
Give him hamburger he gives u SQUARED BALL
Give it to Kilo he gives u his LOLLIPOP
Give it to Rony he gives u his BALOON
Give it to man in Shop he gives u LUCKY CAT
Breack it with hammer get MONEY
Give money to the man take everything on shelves
Combine CAKE & LAXATIVE JELLY to give to the guard
Enter building get PINEAPPLE
Give liquor to Fatrat he tells u where is Ratface
Combine CHHESE HAM &PINEAPPLE put it next to sewer
Fatrat gets out of it and is arrested by policeman
Now let's have breack with apple & milk as I don't know what else to do with it

Source: Escape Games 24

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