YogiPoco Walkthrough

Complete Walkthrough

1. Screen
Collect the four gems (Wind, Darkness, Fire, Lightning)
Put the gems in the trees (yello in the far right, red in the far left, pink in

the middle left, and the last in the middle right)
Switch to Poco (click on the character)
choos dispel and click on the stones in front of the pillar
Grab the "Legendary Daisy"

2. Screen
collect the branch, the rock and the rattan
click on the middle of the gate (there schould be a small area where you can
click, the rod with a nick in it)
drag the branch on the gate, afterwards you can combine items
click on combine and combine branch, rock and rattan to a stone axe.
switch to Poco and select dispel
dispel the shining symbol on the right side of the gate
switch back to Yogi and drag the stone axe again on the gate
collect the rock pieces
drag the rock pieces on the running rat on the left side
collect the stunned rat
go through the brocken gate

3. Screen
Collect the brocken bone flute, rope and an unknown key
go through the lightly illuminated entrance on the left

4. Screen
drag the rope on the sleeping guard to bind him
collect the unknown item from the guard, the bone and the skull
the two prison cells have a symbol on the right side.
Drag the unknown item to the left symbol and collect the treasure chest (you get a

mystery piece
drag the unknwon key on the right symbol and collect the hammer and nail
go back (a small sign with back is found on the far right side)

3. Screen (revisted)
The note next to the candle describes how to fix the flute.
Combine brocken bone flute, bone and Hammer and nails to a bone flut.
click on the leafes on the rock
switch to Poco
click on sight to reveal a code: you see that each leafe has different nerve

branches. Thus you have the code 2 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 4
drag the bone flute on the left gouard and click on the holes of the flute to

play. Play the code you revealed in the leafe puzzle and guard A will go.
Drag the skull on guard b (the right one) to scare it away.
Leafe through the now unguarded entrance

5. Screen
collect the poison leaf
combine the stunned rat with the poison leaf to get a Poisoned rat.
drag the poisoned rat in the fire.
collect the now roasted Poisoned Rat
use the roasted poisoned rat on the QiuQius Elder
Collect all 4 gems and the sun orb

1. Screen (revisted)
Click once on the Mystery Piece
Switch to Poco
activate sight (Poco learns Moonlight)
Swicth back to Yogi and put the four gems back into the trees
switch to Poco
Click on dispel and dispel the barrier by clicking on the stones infront of the

Now put the sun orb into the pillar (only one area possible)
Switch to Poco and activate Moonlight
Grab the "Legendary Daisy
YogiPoco Video Walkthrough

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