Outside Escape Walkthrough

First get nippers to the right of the screen.

Next click on the mailbox to zoom in, use nippers on mailbox to get red pin.

While still in close-up of the mailbox, use the red pin on the gate hinge. You're now in the garden.

Go right once and click the top (to the left) of the yellow swing chair to get a rock. Zoom out.

Go back left and click the bottom right corner of the window furthest away from you to zoom in.
Use the rock to smash the window. Get the knife. Zoom out.

Go right (again) and click on the bike to zoom in. Use the knife on the bike seat to get glove. Zoom out.

Go left and click on BBQ. Use glove on the bigger handle to get it dirty the use it on the smaller handle to get a pair of scissors.

Go left and click on the rose bushes. Use the scissors to cut the rose on the left side of the bush in the middle to get gold key.

Go back right and click on the door. Use the gold key and your in


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