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Text Walkthrough - Part 1:

1. Click the “lifter” to move it under the car. Then click it’s lever to lift up the car. Take the tool right to the “lifter”, and use it on the wheel to remove it. Take one of the NEW wheels and insert it. And at last, click the lifter again to lift down the car.

2. Take the soil and pour it into the pot. Take the little stick to dig a hole in the pot, and then pour the seed in it. And then take the water can and water the seed! Watch the flower as it grows full!

3. Take the game, “Jumper” and insert it in the computer/console machine. Click the joypad whenever the player is near the edge to make him jump over it. Play through 3 levels to continue!

4. Click the pieces until they form a correct image!

5. Click the stone to move it, and take the worm. Put the worm on the rod! Take the stick on the tree and put it in front of the rod. Then click the rod to place it over the stick. When the rod is moving, click it to catch a big fish

6. Take the bucket and attach it to the hook. Then click the “roller” to roll down the bucket. When it returns, it will bring back some water, pour the water in the dog’s bowl!

7. Remove the triangle in front of the left-wheel and click the blue button to open the garage door. Click the propeller to start it, and then click the airplane to let the dog sit in it. Watch them fly away! Bye, Bye!

8. Take one coin and insert it in the coin-inserter. Take the gun and only shoot the red targets. When you’ve used three bullets, click the bullet box to reload!

9. The code is: 3233451

Explanation: You see the word, PUPPIES on the screen. And you also see a paper on the left side of the screen. In the paper, there some words which explain how to solve the code. P = 3, I = 4, E = 5, S = 1 & U = 2. After reading this, I think you know what to do: PUPPIES - P = 3, U = 4, P = 3, P = 3, I = 4, E = 5, S = 1.
Text Walkthrough - Part 2:

10. Click the biggest snowball, then the middle one, and at last the smallest one! After the three snowballs are over each other, take the scarf and put it in middle of the two snowballs highest from the ground. Take the stones and put them in the first snowball and take the carrot to create the snowman’s nose. Then take the two sticks from the tree in the BG and put them in both side of the snowman to give him hands! And at last, give him his hat.

11. Insert the puzzle bricks where they fit. You’ll then get a picture of a clock which is, 5:45 PM. But here we have to use the other clock system, which is then: 17:45. Click the numbers until they say, 17 : 45!

12. Click the water on/off button and turn the water on. Click the middle bottle of the three bottles over the bath tub. After creating alot of bubbles, pop them all!

13. Click everything to turn it on. When the light glows yellow for the BIG RED BUTTON, click it open the protector. And then click the big red button!

14. Find 6, 2-look-a-likes!

15. There are three columns, and there is a roman number under each one. One the first one, there is: III, which is = 3. So click the 4-circles over the first column until 3 of them glows. On the second one, IV = 4. Click the circles over the middle column until all of them glows ( all of them = 4 ). And for the last one, II = 2. You know what to do with the circles! After the shapes appear, put them in the right column by seing which column has what symbol.

16. Find 10 differences. Here are some keywords:

- Canon
- Window
- Net
- The Ship’s Name
- Skull Nose
- Grey Color
- No Strips At The Top Of The Ship
- Grey Flag
- Wrong Moon
- One more star

17. Every suitcase has it’s own number, so I’ll only tell you what to do with the first one and you’ll then be able to do the rest of them alone. The first suit case as the number, 301. Which means that you have to go the 3rd floor and give the suitcase to number, 301 NOT 302. Repeat this with the rest of the suitcases and the dog will get a prize!

18. Each roman number as it’s own symbol. X - The Eye. V - Monster Face/Mouth. I - Viking Hat. There are 3 rooms, and each one of them has their own roman letter. X, V & I. In the room X ( you’ll see the X on the ceiling ), click the lever until the symbol is, The Eye. In the V room, click the lever until the symbol is: Monster Face/Mouth. On the last room, I click the lever until the symbol is - Viking Hat. After doing this, go back to the main room and pull the lever

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