Super Crazy Guitarman 2 Walkthrough

Also, if you R a member of an audience watching a player ROCK OUT, try these tips:

*Step back & make room!!
*Watch the computer screen like UR playing DanceDanceRevolution
*Step with the specific foot as U would on a DDR mat
*When the letters are displayed, clap, snap, sing...whatever to UR liking!!
*Dance the day away
if u really want to get a good score then this is wat i would do i would
*totally forget bout getting a good score
*keep ur eyes on the screen
*just follow each key one by one dont just take all the keys that show on the screen and try to do them all at the same time unless u have to
*dont go to fast unless u have to
*at the complete end wen there is no more keys to press take ur hands of the keyboard so u dont press any more keys cuz then the more keys u press the more ur score goes down


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