Room Escape Game Six Video Walkthrough

Dip the bowl into the water and cut open the flour.
Pour the flour into the bowl to make dough. Click it twice to get it out.
Then click the bottom of the bowl to flip it and place the dough onto it.
Click that twice to get the strangely shaped dough.
Go to the picture and cut it. Also cut and band together the towel.
Then break the knife over the bowl.
Tie the banded towel around the bowl and add it to the stick.
Bash the hammer into the crack in the wall behind the picture.
Then detach the towel and add it to the stick.
Flip open the lighter then use it on the stick to make a torch.
Then go to the fireplace and use the torch on it to light the fire.
Use the dough on fire once.
Then go to the hole in the wall and dump all your stuff except for the dough.
Oh, and by the way, your lighter must be CLOSED to dump it.
Now go to the fish tank and scoop up some water…
Dump the water and the dough into the hole in the wall…
Open the door…
Use the knife on the towel to create shreds.
Click the shreds to create a rope.
Use the rope on the end of the stick.
At the end of the rope, use the knife.
Go to the fireplace and lure out the snake.
OK, get ready for some quick action…
Use your stick-rope-knife thing on the snake…
And quick! When you see the stick in his mouth, click on it!
Cut up the towel to make shreds. Click again to tie them up.
Click on bottom of bowl to turn it over, then place shreds on bowl.
Attach to stick and you have a hammer!
Use the hammer on the lighter twice to break it.
Disassemble your hammer even though it took forever to make.
Tie up the towel shreds and use it on the lighter oil.
Repeatedly use the oily towel on the baby picture…
Flip your bowl right side up and get some water from the fish tank.
(I don’t know, but I’d prefer you don’t actually get the fish. :p)
Use the knife on the flour to open it, then pour the flour in the bowl.
Click your mixture twice and you have dough!
Now go to the window and get ready for some fun…
HURL THE BOWL AT THE WINDOW!!! (No, I’m not kidding.)
Turn around and see the little birds.
With your tied up shreds, attach that to the stick.
Slice the dough into four pieces.
Feed your delicious creation to the birds.
They will fly down and eat the dough. Now use the stick on them!
Grab the rope and you’re out!
Use the bowl on the fish to get it.
Dip the towel in the water and use it on the red X near the pipe.
Look where it points and use your knife on the bottom corner.
Release the fish into the grate.
You’re out! (And wet.)
Use the towel (not cut this time) on the stick.
Get out your lighter, flip it open, and burn the stick.
You may have noticed some wax on the pipe, burn that.
You’re out! (And wet.)
This may be the simplest ending. Cut open the bag of flour.
Time to dole out some punishment. Beat the flour with the stick. Lots.
Get out your lighter and turn it on. It may be hard to see.
BOOM! You are out! I’ll see you in the hospital.

Room Escape Game Six Video Walkthrough
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Room Escape Game Six Walkthrough

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