Scallion Room Escape Walkthrough

1. on couch
2. under couch
3. in front of puzzle table
4. 3 in red door
5. in yellow door
When clicking beside an item of furniture hit the wall/floor line.

At door look at book and direction of arrow and hit wall to show a TV.

Go right to sofa, get scallion 1, left of sofa get stick and use on the plant to get GREEN BALL and under sofa for scallion 2.

Go right to pale wood chests and right side of small chest get RED KEY. Open red key drawer and get scallion 3 and SCREWDRIVER. Check under drawers to see diagram.

Go right to black chests. Get scallion 4. Right chest click right 'drawer' and get BLUE KEY and under chest of drawers to get flashlight. Create the diagram on the small box and get YELLOW KEY.

Back to drawers and use yellow key to get scallion 4 and HAMMER. Hit wall behind small chest and use flashlight to get YELLOW BALL. Use blue key and click again to get BLUE BALL.

Back to black cabinet and click top drawer. Use screwdiver. Wait for RED BALL to drift to the hole and collect it.

Back to door and place balls in hole at the bottom of the TV and see numbers (imagine flattening the shape).
Order blue green yellow red and see comment 78 if stuck.

Enter door numbers, hit button, zoom out and open door.

Scallion Room Escape Walkthrough

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