Shape Escape Video Walkthrough

First scene...brown desk in corner. Check open drawer of blue desk and see shape inside drawer (top right) GREEN PENTAGON.

Zoom out and click white chair in corner with brown desk. See chunk out of the corner of the filing cabinet (floor level) uppper left of scene and get BLUE HEXAGON.

Go right view of photocopier and three desks. Click far plant with red flowers (left) and see pink shape. PINK TRIANGLE.

Go right view of water cooler and click cup to get ORANGE BALL from the bottom of the cup.

Go right to big table and click under table just below the nearest ashtray to see legs. At base of leg facing you is the RED SQUARE.

Click the far plant beside the whiteboard and see shape in the carpet in the corner (behind the plant) and get PURPLE RHOMBUS.

Go round to view of three desk and photocopier and click the bottom drawer of the left desk to place shapes and then door to escape

Shape Escape Walkthrough

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