Sherlock Holmes Museum Escape Walkthrough

1. Click the Statue, right-side to coffin, and take it's star!

2. Click the gun on the wall, and it will zoom. Click on the middle part of the gun where the black and the silver part is seperated, to open place where you input bullets. Take the right bullet!

3. Go the other side of the room and click the table. Take the magnifier glass.

4. Click the left chair to zoom in that area. Get the oil can and the firewood.

5. Click the clock on the shelf and take the lighter.
6. Click the fireplace to see it. Then, put the firewood in it and dip the oil on it. And at last, give it the lighter to create a fire. Wait a few seconds until the star box appears. After the star box appears, click it to zoom in. Then take the star you got from the statue and insert it in the star field! Check the box and achieve your first gem! 1 of 7 gems

7. Click the part where the books are in the shelf and click on the green one. When it gets a bit out, click again to take it! Now, go to the other part of the room.

8. Click the cabinet to zoom in and open the left part. A CODE!!! Open the book you achieved and goto the next page where the gems are. If you see on the left page, there are 3 letters and numbers. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3. It says that the beginning of the alphabet is 1 and the number increases for the next letter. D = 4, E = 5, F = 6, I hope that you understand it now

Above the code, there is another code: 4 15 23 5 12 12, to crack this code you have to use the system I told you about! If you don't want to do that, just click the letters until they say: D O W E L L

Check the box and take the 2nd gem! Now you have 2 of 7 gems.

9. Click the ship model and click on the thin, long stick to get it! Go back to the other side of the room.

10. Click the "bell" over the fireplace and use the stick to change it's side. Take the gem! 3 of 7 gems

11. Open the book and go to next page. A PISTOL!!! Take it! Click the pistol to zoom it, and then put the bullet in it!

12. Click the box right under the "Sherlock Holmes" statue. Then use the pistol to shoot off the lock! Take the 1st and the 4th tool, cause you can't take the others!

13. Click the analog clock on the wall. Use the 2nd tool you got to open the clock. Then use the 1st tool to pick up the yellow gem! 4 of 7 gems

14. Go to the other side of the room and click the statue under the ship. Use the 1st tool you got, to pick up the silver gem from it's eye! 5 of 7 gems

15. Click the silver gem to zoom in. Then use the magnifier glass on it, to reveal a code: 14979.

16. Click cabinet to zoom in and open the right side. Click the numbers until they are like the code: 14979. Check the box and get another gem! 6 of 7 gems

17. The last gem is in the light ( left-side of the room, near the door ). We can't open it unless we disable the light. Go to the other side of the room and click the end of the tool box, the one near the wall. You'll see a switch, turn it off!

18. Go back to the other side of the room and open up the light. Take the gem! 7 of 7 gems

19. Go back to the other side of the room and click the "Sherlock Holmes" statue's belt! There are 7 blank shapes, input all of the 7 diamonds in the right shapes to get a key. Take it!

20. Go to the other side of the room and click the coffin. Click on the right-side of it, just before the shelf to reveal a key-hole. Insert the key you just achieved and you're OUT!!!

bullet and magnifying glass

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