Mystery House in Japan Walkthrough

go left one scene
click on wall hanging, lower right corner, for zoom then click lower right corner again
take matches and go back right to first scene
click on candle to right of door to light it
go left and open left closet door. take bunny.
click on left hand of bunny to turn him around and note the symbols on his back
close left closet door and open the right closet door. take grabber.
go left two scenes and view the clock. Notice that the symbol on the bunny's back is number 5 on the clock.
now go left twice and look at the top of the box under the wall hanging. Note the code, and then go back to the clock
The code and the bunny give us 5 - 3 -5 +7 and looking at the clock we see that 5 o'clock minus 3 hours is 2 o'clock and then subtracting another 5 hours (9 o'clock) and adding seven hours gives us 4 o'clock. So the code is 5294!
go back to the brown chest and look behind it on the left to get the stick
next, look on the right of the chest to get the scissors
Attach the grabber to the stick
Go back to closet and use grabber to take silver ball from upper left
Use the scissors on the back of the rabbit and take key
Use the key on the drawer and enter the code into the box (yes the numbers are Japanese; look at the clock if you need help).
Go back to the chest under the wall hanging and take the silver ball with blue on it
Now go back to the brown chest and use the red/silver ball on the seal on the left drawer
take the sword hilt
Go to the screen to the left of the wall hanging and use the silver/blue ball to open the seal
Take the sword blade and attach the hilt
go back to the wall hanging and look behind it - take the pendent
take the sword to the main door and slay the monster

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