Toy Store Escape Walkthrough

knock off one doll in yellow dress and move over both minnie mouses to get hammer.

1. knock off blue dress doll to get. coin is behind pink dress.
2. under donkey's right leg.
3. behind blue bear's butt.
4. in a ball. pop it with shard of glass after you break the container with the hammer.

Colored Blocks:
dark blue: behind fish's fin.
purple: on cat's bow
light pink: on pink bear
light green: on top of green truck.
dark green: under green truck's wheel.
orange: in a ball. pop it with shard of glass.
yellow: behind yellow ball in the bin.
light blue: on cat's bow. be careful not to click over onto the next screen.
dark pink: behind cat's book. same cat that has the light blue block on her bow.

Source: Escape Games 24

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