Wax Room Escape Walkthrough

Click on plant stand in the right corner
Get match box
Open box and light one match
Next Go left twice and click on the fireplace and get log
Click under the window with the blue curtains
Hold the lit match over what looks like a needle until it turns black
You can pick it up now.
Click on the table and it will move to the left
Go left once.
Click on the table to zoom in.
Use the needle to dig the knife out of the wax
Zoom out and click on the box on the floor to the left
Use knife on box and get a candle
Light candle with last match
Go right once
Click on the window with the blue curtain and use knife
We have light!
In the same scene, click on the cabinet in the upper right corner
Hold the lit candle on the cabinet until the wax melts.
Open cabinet and get fuel
Click on the log and pore the fuel on it, then light the log
Trap Door
Go back to where you moved the table
Click on the dark spot next to the table to zoom in
You will see a trap door.
Hold the burning log over the door to melt the wax
Click twice to open the door
Get gas can from the shelf on the right.
Take board and place it to the left of the shelf.
Once it sticks, move it to the right by clicking the top and bottom
until its under the box
The box will then slide down the board when you click on it
Inside is the top of the gas torch Fabulous Escape!
Zoom out
Click on the box gust to the left of the table
Hold the burning log on it to melt the wax
Get block of wax from inside
Use burning log to melt the wax block and get key
Click on door, Hold torch over door till the wax melts
Use key, Your out

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