Alkirian - The Nine Pages Walkthrough

Alkirian - The Nine Pages Text Walkthrough

Pick up pliers and cord on bedside table
Press right top bedpost and top point on globe
Click bottom right corner of poster above bed, get paper
Click far right part of bed, get paper
Go left
Close Einstein's right eye, get paper from computer tower
Click top right pink paper on bulletin board twice to get key
Use key to open middle drawer on desk
Get scissors from drawer, cut chair back with scissors to get paper
Click space shuttle to zoom, use pliers on "engine" to get paper (you won't see it, but it'll appear in inventory)
Move papers on bulletin board just above bottom right green paper to get another paper.
Get tape from Einstein poster.
Combine tape and power cord.
Click bottom compartment of computer tower, get paper.
Plug fixed cord in behind bedside table, get paper from lamp
Use paint scraper on wall, follow where cracks appear going down and right, get last paper and clock door
Found 8 so far

1: Davinci poster in first room
2: Under bed sheet
3: Use paint scraper (found in second room) to scrape paint off wall (crack next to patch of bricks)
4: Click on Einsteins eye, to reveal a page in the computer
5: Use players (found in first room) on the suspended plane in the second room
6: Search through the paper notes on the cork bord in the second room
7: Combine the power cord and the sticky tape (sorry, I forgot where i found them) and then use the power cord on the power socket on the lower left of the lamp in the first room
8: Click on the first rectangle on the computer in the second room to reveal another page.

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