Mystery Room 2 Walkthrough

Mystery Room 2 Text and Video New Walkthrough
Room 1.

Click right of cupboard near the floor. Pick up cutter.
Back twice.
Go right and click on the plant.
This gives you the code for the cupboard.
If it's root 2, then 1414 works, root 8 then 2828 works, Pi 3141
Go right.
Click on the yellow rectangle on the left cupboard.
Keep clicking the numbers until the correct one appears.
Click push.
It should say ok.
Click on door knob of left cupboard.
Collect coin and go back twice.
Right twice to machine.
Put coin in machine and click red button.
Click on brown and red thing.
Use cutter and collect key.
Back twice and right twice.
Use key on right cupboard and collect coin.
Back twice and Left.
Click bottom right yellow circle on green poster to collect screwdriver.
Select screwdriver and use on poster so it falls and reveals a hole.
Put 100 coin in hole.
"Fit.Open" appears.
Right once.
Click the very centre of the clock.
"Last Open" appears and you'll hear a click.
Click on door knob.
Room 2.

Click on ide and press the letter a.
Press white button to right and hear a click.
Click on door knob.

Room 3.
Click on door knob for Normal end.
Click on Clear to get a "game clear" message and joke end.
Video 1

Video 2

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