Avalon Escape Walkthrough

Avalon Escape Text and Video Walkthrough
first scene, zoom in on wooden wheel and click lower spoke for hammer
zoom candle stick on table to get lit candle
click right, next scene, get shields from wall
zoom chess board, get crown and note shapes on crown, this for wooden chest, get x from box
click edge of table for metal bar
click right next scene, zoom armor for axe
click right next scene, take shields from wall
click right next scene. zoom throne use axe for left ram head
click right next scene, take the last shields
click right next scene, zoom barrels in corner, axe on left barrel.
build fire in the centre of room in stone circle,with broken barrel and candle, highlight metal bar and click on fire to heat then beat it in a sword on anvil with hammer.
remember barrel cold sword down in it.
rams head for pic on wall to get red ruby for sword,
click on ruby in inventory then sword to put it in
zoom in on line of wooden pegs on wall, put on shields to spell excalibur, 2nd shield with have no name add x to this

finally, zoom throne and add sword to stone OUT

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