TV House Escape Walkthrough

TV House Escape Text and Video Walkthrough
Ok, here's how to beat it....
1. Get a CD in the 4th drawer on the right side.
2. Get the other CD behind the TV (click on the top area of TV to get there).
3. Get another CD behind 2 cushions (click on top of the first 2 cushions from right to left).
4. Get the last CD under the couch (click on low right corner).
5. Get the gun under the couch (left side of the couch).
6. Turn on the computer (black button on cpu).
7. Go back to the TV set.
8. Drag each one of the CDs (actually DVDs) to the DVD player (Notice that they all have a different date "01/2009, 02/2009, 03/2009, 04/2009")
9. In 01/2009 notice the 7 holes in the shoe, so the first code is 7.
10. In 02/2009 notice the number 3 appear for a few instants in the front area of the car, so u may guess yourself...
11. In 03/2009 notice that the car takes 5 seconds to show up so u know the number....
12. In 04/2009 notice there is 6 objects in the cup....
(so the code for the computer is 7356)
13. Now go to the computer screen and type the code and hit Enter.
14. Get the floppy in the CPU and drag it onto slide on the door with the slide (obviously) and then open it.
15. Now, since u can't reach the key in that room, drag the gun and place it onto the fan switch.
16. Get the key, go to the other door to use the key there and guess what?!!..... ur out....

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