Closed Office Walkthrough

Closed Office WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video walkthrough useful.Starting the game Note door, keypad, and black screen (it’s a window to the next room)
Click bookshelf to face it (note gray panel behind the stacked books on the second shelf/third column) then click the bottom right shelf to zoom in
In that view, get key from between three white books on the left
Turn left (note cube on wall -- it’s a circuit breaker box)
Click water cooler and remove the jug
Click between the small filing cabinets and the large one under the clock to zoom in and get the box cutter
(Hey, be more careful next time! It’s sharp!)
Turn left and zoom in on the computer tower and turn it on (note you need password)
Zoom out to see the desk, and then zoom in on the file cabinet under the desk -- get green key from between the back file cabinet wheel and desk leg
Turn right to see the circuit breaker box -- zoom in
Open the top left and the fourth one of the top row with yellow key and third on bottom row with green key
The box controls the lights in the other room so you can see through the window next to the door --there are a very limited number of combinations to try
Or you can just use this code (top left = red, other top row = green, bottom row = green)
Go right to window by the door and see the computer code is sc43q
Enter it into the computer and click power on
Click the box on the computer and get request for security camera password
Turn left and click on box and use box cutter to get the new water cooler jug
Turn right 2 times, put it on cooler
Zoom out and click on cooler spigot to make water come out, and then click on the bottom of the spigot to get the paper (says 7jp22)
Yep, that’s the other computer code so go left and enter it
Zoom in on the letter on the desk using the + to see the door code is 8423
But you can’t use the door code box yet, you need to uncover it first
So turn left and click the file cabinets to the left of the box to face them, then click under the left cabinet to see under them
The screwdriver is in the back right corner of the screen
Turn left and click the door code box
Use the screwdriver in the bottom slot to remove the cover
Note the pad is backwards -- you are looking at the back of it and need to pull the numbers
Remember that panel in the bookcase? Zoom out from the pad and click on the panel to zoom in
Move the left book to see the broken corner and use the screwdriver
You now have a sticky substance that can pull the code numbers
Use the screwdriver to enter 8423 in the door code and click the door to leave

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