Luis Launch Walkthrough

Luis Launch WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a video walkthrough useful.Starting the game
A and D keys (or arrows) control Luis while in the air.
Mouse Click or space-bar give Luis a power boost if he has beans in his system.
The longer you're in the air, the more cash you earn to buy upgrades.
1. Don't Use The 5 Beans at once, try to get some more beans and then only use One or Two Beans before getting another! And remember that the beans are random. Sometimes you'll get less, other times more. So, it's all about luck!

2. Once You're Were the Flying SuperHero is, right above the UFO. Use All Of Your Beans. Not All Of Them At Once, but wait 1 sec! Enjoy Your Freedom On The Space!

3. If you fail, do not collect beans and try to stay in the air longer to earn money. Just die, and then retry!

This is a Super Hilarious Games Made by BomToons. He made it for his friend, Luis, which is a Mexican Animator! BomToons & Luis have made a few games together, but their friendship broke, when BomToons had enough of Luis + Money. He told that Luis took almost 90% of the Money They got of the Ads, and only gave BomToons 10% or 5% of the Money. And BomToons scripted the games, and alot of people were in agreement that scripting is alot harder than animating! But when everything got back to normal, BomToons made this game for Luis on his Birthday. And this game is 2 in 1, A Birthday Present + An Apology Present! So Enjoy playing this game :D
This will defitinily work, so ENJOY

Play Luis Launch

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