Clown Face Escape 2 Walkthrough

Clown Face Escape 2 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this video and text walkthrough useful.Starting the game
In first scene, zoom into plant on left and get clown piece under right leaf.
Zoom into trash can in corner and get another piece behind it.
Zoom into red flowers on right and get another piece under right hand flower petal
Zoom into under desk at left leg of grey chair and get another piece to the right on bottom part of green desk.
Next scene to right, zoom into tv and see place for placing clown pieces.
Zoom in under green chair to the right and get another piece on far end leg.
Zoom into to grey sofa and get another piece from one of the strings on sofa back.
On next scene to right zoom in on far left night table and get piece off middle of telephone dialer
Zoom into right hand night table where green books are and get another piece.
Zoom into green furniture to right on 4th drawer and see place to insert a code.
On next scene to the right, zoom in to legs of grey table and get another piece.
Also zoom into upper left corner of window to get another piece which is on the yellow part of window frame.
Place first clown in place and see code to insert in 4th drawer of green dresser. Code is 5651
Once you put in the code correctly you will see the second clown for placing pieces.
Place the remaining pieces you have and you're out

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