GW's Escape Walkthrough

GW's Escape WalkthroughGame Start . Click left cabinet door to get hammer
Click top right cabinet drawer to get white key (note hole in bottom of drawer)
Note place for code in bottom right cabinet door
Turn right -- note places for stars
Turn right, click on plate with green leaves -- click 2 times for pink key
Open top left cabinet door for wire cutters on top shelf (close the door)
Open top right cabinet door for blue flag (on spine of blue book)
Open bottom right cabinet door for crowbar
Go right -- click on plate of food
Use wire cutters to open window -- get green star
Use crowbar on hole of top right drawer for pink flag (note it is missing the eye of the blue flag and has number 2 on it)
Click on door handle to go outside (note large and small flower colors)
Outside, click on note in window to get black star
Place plate of food all the way on the left of the round table
Go inside, take plate of food
Go outside and place in center of table
Click on the red plate and get yellow star from the top of the food
Go inside and take food; go outside and place on right of table
Click to zoom in on salad -- get red star from tomatoes and click on jar to see 9 on back
Go inside and go left -- take purple star from table
Go left and place stars -- purple black red yellow green
Click to left of stars to enter bathroom
Open bottom left cabinet -- use pink key to open box for wrench
Click box lid closed to see 6
Use wrench to straighten picture by clicking right screw
Look up and see code P w W r Y -- take glass from shelf
Click left toilet paper roll for number 8
Open right cabinet door for third flag and nails
Use white key to unlock diary
Click to picture and turn it over, then click the page below the picture to get yellow circle
Click beneath the circle and click red letters to see both sides
In bathroom, click the bottom left corner of the number 8 toilet paper to get eye for pink flag (combine in inventory)
Click upper left and right corners of the right cabinet door (beneath clock) to make key appear
Click on clock face to zoom in and use blue key to get sink stopper
Place stopper in sink and turn on and then off the hot water -- 1 appears in steam
You now have code to kitchen -- 12689 and get the yellow pinwheel
Go outside
Click flowers in pattern from bathroom -- capital letters are large flowers, and lowercase ones are small flowers (Pink, white, White, red, Yellow)
As you click them, a curved piece of yellow metal will appear -- take it; then enter code to get rope
Go inside and go left -- place round yellow piece, curved yellow piece, and then glass over helmet on shelf
Go outside and click wood (used to make ladder)
Click left of pole with pieces of wood to place ladder -- use nails and hammer to secure (note you can now look up to top of pole)
Look up to place pinwheel at the top of the pole, place rope just below the pinwheel, and attach flags just to right of rope
Let grandson in through fence gate by clicking orange star

Ending 2
Take the wood pieces any time before reading the diary to make a table. Place the table below the pole to the right and use the nails and hammer to secure -- click the pole at the top of that screen to place pinwheel, rope, and flags
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