Dream Escape Walkthrough

Dream Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Tack yellow ring in picyure next to door
Put it on on/off handle to get it out
Look at back of calendar
Count moons on calendar(38) & stars from door(7)
Box code is 378
get a doll
Get off it's left arm to have a 2nd handle
Use this handle on on/off hole get oi down
See a screen get a paper from it
Use handle 1 on doll get a hammer
Use hammer on picture newt to door get a key
Use key to open wardrobe
Get 2nd paper next to box
Get a cd from books use it where picture was
Put light off see frogs singing
Put light on
Use the 2 papers on dolls picture
code is 231423 for big box
put on/off handle up see opened safe
Get a blue ball left inside
Take doll off the hammer
Turn ball to see hole insert stick
Play from left to right
7343725 (Tanks a lot cricketer9999!!! post 94)
Get green gem
Normal end
Impute gem on chest
Go out now
Haniwa end
Look at calendar click on 6th of August
Get screen back down look at under right side clik frame
click fishing man in 2nd book
click on gem
Impute gem on chest
Go out now

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