Sushi Room Escape Walkthrough

Sushi Room Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Turn right and take sushi
Click under couch by the left leg to get weapon
Click by the right back corner of couch to get red key
Click top of cabinet and note place to put balls
Turn right, use weapon to get red ball
Click to left of black cabinet to get yellow ball
Use red key to get screwdriver and sushi
Turn right and take sushi
Click under table and note scribbled out image
Click to left of tall black cabinet to get blue key
Click gray box in tall cabinet to see a puzzle
Rearrange pieces to make an image of a person (S goes in upper right corner)
Click top open box and get yellow key
Go left, use yellow key to get sushi and rag
Use blue key to get sushi and blue ball
Go right and use rag to clean the scribbles and see 13YR (read as BYR)
Go right 2 times and place balls in that order --blue, yellow, red
Look at the font of the cabinet and see the word TEST
Go left and use screwdriver on the wall screen to remove the plate
Click the yellow bars to form the letters TEST
Colored bars and colored dots form
Play dominoes with each set of colored bars by matching the colored dots. For example, the light blue and purple bar forms the shape --. Match the purple dot/blue bar to go down form l. As you draw the pattern out, you will see the shapes of numbers form.
Playing with the resulting shapes gets you the code 8436
Enter than in the door and you’re out! Perfect ending!
Making the person seems to change each time

Here’s my best description on what it should look like
Top row
Make the black on the right side for first square
Make the black on left side for second
Make the S shape in the upper right corner
Second row
Make the black on the right side
Make the L shape on the left and the dot on the upper right
Third square make the dot toward the left side so it looks like an eye
Last row
Black to the right side
Make it look like a C shape curving down to the right (makes chin and lips)
Turn the black to the left side

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