D's Star Festival Story Walkthrough

D's Star Festival Story Text and Video Walkthrough
First scene, "Shelves"
Zoom-in on Drawer with 4-letter combo lock, get pink SF decoration from behind the cabinet
Zoom-out, open right cabinet and get yellow SF dec.
Middle shelf on the left, pick up box with number combo lock
click on orange book twice, it moves to the left, get battery

Next scene, (Click right) "Dining"
Pick up Letter
Click chair on the Right, it moves to the right
Click space between table and chair, get battery
Next scene, (Click right) "Bed"
Note stars on bedframe
Click pillow a couple times, Red key comes out
Examine leaflets under bed, can't pick them up
Go back to "Shelves" scene and use red key on top right cabinet, Get remote

Skip to Kitchen scene
Click left cabinet under sink, get blue SF dec behind bottles
Click center cabinet (Under pan, under drawer) appears empty, but click towards the top to find star taped to top of cabinet
Note "365" in sink

Next scene, "TV"
Put batteries in remote, close the close up of remote.
Highlight remote and click on the tv to turn it on and change the channels
Note content of each channel, as well as code under tv

Number code for the locked box is 2343 [thanx, maxi.s he.art!!]
Open box and get last SF dec. (white)
Letter code for locked drawer in "Shelves" scene is LYRA, Vega's twin sister [thanx, Xenon!]
Open drawer and get stars tickets for SF
Click on a small, visible tab that sticks out from drawer and a board lifts up, get taxi ticket

Go to "Balcony scene" and hang all [5] decorations on tree
Gate will open to mushroom boat, get green key, but don't get on boat

Go back to Kitchen scene and go down the ladder
Pick up phone and call taxi, number on leaflets under bed
When phone says, "accepted," close
Use green key to open compartment on the right
Click the "Door" button quickly until number hits 100, if you stop even for a split second it goes back down to zero, sucks!
Pull lever to the right of garage door, you'll hear car honking
Click Taxi, give the blue taxi ticket, NOT the stars tickets!

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