Feed Escape 2 Walkthrough

Feed Escape 2 Text and Video Walkthrough

in desk get blank PAPER
click inside top drawer of rolling cabinet under desk for instructions
get LIGHTBULB from under bed

get RED ring from behind vase
get BLUE ring from under blanket
get YELLOW ring from dog picture
get GREEN ring from plant
get BLACK ring from IOC in black book

put lightbulb in LAMP
click under desk to plug lamp in
turn lamp on
view blank paper in blacklight
place RINGS in bedside table as shown on paper to get GREEN KEY
use green key on GREEN BOOK to see that dog jumps
click book to get dog
have dog get DOOR KEY

note the PINK 1 on table
note BLACK 4 on picture
note BLUE 0 mirror frame on table
note GREEN 3 on plant

get PAPER from bottom of cabinet, open for clue
on bedside table, enter code (black, green, blue, pink)
get PINK KEY (around bottom middle)
and BROWN KEY (around top middle)

brown key opens top CABINET
pink key opens PINK BOOK to see that cat punches
click book to get cat
have cat punch bed to get DOOR KEY

get PENCIL from picture
use pencil on NOTEBOOK for clue to TOOLBOX
clue says "na i yo"
use this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_wordplay
look under "Numeric substitution" for answer
(or if you are lazy like me, code is 714)
open toolbox to get SCREWDRIVER

have cat punch cat tree
get RABBIT token from behind broken cat tree
open sliding glass door to get OX/BUFFALO/COW token
get MONKEY token from plant
get DOG token from waste bin
have dog get SHEEP token from high shelf
have cat punch clock for CHICKEN token
click metal plate on left door to see DRAGON token, then upper right corner to pick it up
get TIGER token from flower vase

open METAL PLATE on left door
to place ANIMAL TOKENS correctly, see this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexagenary_cycle
look under "Twelve Earthly Branches" to see the order of the animals in the zodiac
rat, snake, horse and pig are already placed
(place cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon on top row; sheep, monkey, chicken, dog on bottom row)


have dog get REMOTE from top of air conditioner
use remote on TV for code
use this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_era_name
look under "Conversion Table from Gregorian Calendar" and scroll down to "Modern Japan (1868-present)"
you'll see that the eras are Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei (MTSH)
the length of their rule is the key; see post #73
(or if you're lazy like me, the code is 1564)
use code on TABLE between doors to get PAINT
open sliding glass doors, and pour paint on flowers so that they'll match the happy end picture
and now you can leave

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