Escape Erawing Room Walkthrough

Escape Erawing Room WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text walkthrough useful.Starting the game
flashlight - click on left side of couch just above the ground and not on the ground
eraser - behind right pillow on on bottom left to make it move
battery - look in dustbin

there is a paper under on right part of circle thingy on bottom of table
another under cabinet to the left

key is on chair next to just below of left handle of chair close to the cushions and line joining them
use this key to open box in cabinet and get screwdriver

screwdriver is to be used behind dustbin on vent
to move on it twice more in the middle
get third paper
first on bottom right corner.see a circle
second paper..use eraser and find square
third paper..use flashlight and see square

there is a square just behind plant close to window behind the curtains.just click all over curtain that comes on wall near the should find it
there is a triangle..divided into 2 on board next to door
look at pic of girl sherlock holmes.then click on right of pic of actual sherlcok..on the plate.see a circle..divided into 3

look at comment #47 for hints of papers
you need to have japanese/chinese characters to be able to understand hints better..i see mostly boxes so i couldnt figure out much on my own
answers to hints look at comment #104

code is square triangle circle...from divisions of shapes found in room

final code is 862..and you're OUT!!

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