Escape from RHOSUS's Room Walkthrough

Escape from RHOSUS's Room WalkthroughWelcome to the Escape from RHOSUS's Room Walkthrough!
To turn on the light;game is a two-screen scroll,open lamp,next to the door
1-Table from the top of the mobile phone
2-Take the knife model wardrobe
3-Matchbox get the coat closet
4-Get the screwdriver from the bottom right corner of the table
5-Open closet,get the small yellow box
6-Received from the candle holder inside the seat
7-Go to the bottom of the tripod
8-Screwdriver and remove the hardwood,move to three,get candle
9-Double-click on the yellow box,open box models with knife
10-Receive power rhosus,Double-click rhosus power,password storage box comes
11-..... first password
12-Receive match,waste incineration with the matchbox matches
13-Candle holder candle left to burn
14-Put on the clothes rack candle holder
15-Turn off lights,After receiving the password appears on the wall,write to the password storage box
16-Received from the usb memory to store the password box
17-The computer is running,usb memory to the computer,readme get the password
18-Reply to the messages in your mobile phone
search,write to the password box password hide
19-received from the key store password box
20-key to open the door
happy ending,Thank you very much for this game RHOSUS

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