Escape from Circus Walkthrough

Escape from Circus1. first screen, zoom in on the boxes by clicking on bottom right hand foot of middle box (in row of three boxes)and click the same spot again to collect needle. Then zoom behind Right hand chairs by clicking bottom left hand corner of red sheet. Once in back view, collect hook from under second chair from left.

2. Zoom behind the chairs on LEFT hand side by clicking just to the right of the bottom row of chairs.
Then click just to the left of the box and collect a banana.

3. Go to the screen with the ladder and move the ladder as far left as it will go by clicking between the second and third steps repeatedly. Climb the ladder by clicking the top of it, then feed the monkey the banana. The monkey will drop the meat, which ou should go dwn and pick up.

4. Go to the cage with the lion and give the lion the meat by clicking to the right hand side of the lion. Use the hook to collect the note from the cage.
4. Go back to screen with ladder and use needle to burst yellow ball. Collect key.

5. Go back to box behind right seats (first screen) and open with key. Collect knife.

6. Now look at note and it shows how to get the code. For the first part (A) count he number of white stripes in each scene. The total number of white stripes is the first part of the code. For the second part (B) go to the screen with the ladder. Select the knife and click on the spot it shows you on the note, then again on the rip (black mark).

7. Go to the scene with the elephant and zoom in on the lock on the cage. Input the code and the elephant will knock over the boxes.

8. Click on the door and your OUT!!!

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