Escape the Mansion Walkthrough

Escape the MansionWelcome.I hope this walkthrough useful.Starting the game.
1-Get GLASS SPLINTER from waste receptacle. Use it on the pillow. How do you put notes in pillows? Maybe send it into Mythbusters..
2-Read the note. A riddle? No, just click the painting until you hear 'gasp' and a key appears. Thanks, dead man!
3-Now pee before this happens, because if you've got the sound cranked high, you will have to avoid leaking lubricants on yourself. At least it wasn't a screamer..
4-In the upper-right corner of the room there is a niche. Click it, use the VOODOO DOLL on the ghost. I would explain what voodoo really is..but I won't.
5-Use the key on the door twice.
6-Go into the tiled bathroom. You can stick your hand in the bloodied sink if you keep clicking.
7-You hear a weird sound. Grab the towel.
8-Leave the room. Click on the far right door and hear some weird growling sound just for kicks.
9-Grab the key from the vase(it's hard to see)
10- Use it on the non-growly door.
11-A pentagram! The syllables..Klaatu Barada Nicto? Gotta say it right!! The book says it as Verada, though..
12-A book bound in human skin? The Necromicon? Where are you, Lovecraft? Where are you, Cthulu?
13-Well, they read it as Kla-Atu Ver-Ada Nic-Tu. Use the voodoo doll in the center..
14-Use the towel where it says 'Stairs?' Then use the skeletal arm.
15-There is a lightswitch. Go use it.
16-Click the left window.
17-Under the left window is a board. Click it.
18-Let's go out the door

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