Escape from Virus Room Walkthrough

Escape from Virus Room Text Walkthrough
click cubby on right, then add orange vial, take item
You can now enter the room
book, top right shelf/paper top of bookcase
under bed,collect die
navigating can be confusing but there is a map…
then right,view die in microscope
then right…top of fridge!
The blessed screwdriver
left side get paper
twice,click little man, then his head
5×3 table right of bookcase
3 puzzles here
1st: didn’t do the math but
click top left block/do not change 0’s/6’s on top and bottom
middle blank spaces are243/so 00606
click red dot
go to
grey cabinet, can open right side, collect items
Use blessed screwdriver
open bear, put battery…
look at left side of bookshelf
this activates
secret compartmentat bottom shelf
Yowsers!a key!
use on box right of fridge
Back to puzzle table
make a stick man/click 2x’s right of dot(head) 3x’s next right square(+) next above and below (+)once, 5x’s right of you have a giant +,2nd top square 6x’s,4th top square twice…click head it is blue…now make an arrow,cd tray gives another key
go left
grey cabinet
back to
fridge,code is 51939
Now you have
4 ants and a green vial
to the computers
ants correspond to colors and they give clues…all simple 4 letter words
if you need it
after code
click above each computer an insert matching colored ant
Now, to large computer…games anyone?
click in front of it and
insert green vial
Top game
with three clears, guess who clue is in the place where we put ants
a crown
not yet?
another 4 letter word
still no?
Set virus compliate?
now the green vial game,bottom right
transport black, then blue, then blue, then black, then both…
Wait!There’s More!
Out to Blue computer
remove ant and put in Die
back to big computer and play last game!
click king till he’s cooking…click text of cook
Go back to
front doors
the biohazzard sign
live ant
Go backto
front of large computer,open compartment and get hypo
View and use
but do not exit yet, must use live ant first
Now exit for TRUE END
Thanks to all at EG24, especially XENON

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