Escape the Working Room Walkthrough

Escape the Working Room WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a video and text walkthrough useful.Starting game
On the first scene with pictures of cats, you will easily notice a screwdriver from the VCR rack. Look closely and take it. Turn right and click on the panel on the lower right of the door. Use the screwdriver to open it, and take the mysterious looking box. Use the zoom tool (magnifying glass icon) on this box, click it again to look upfront. Use your mouse pointer to trace the way from green button to the red button. It will open and you can get the blue swan with numbers 6 and 2 on its wings.

Turn right again to see a laptop over a table. Look closely and get the key. Use the key on the same table, the lowest drawer contains a curious red plane with 1 and 9 written on its wings. To open the drawer, use the key beside the laptop. Turn right to see the book rack, click the lowest rack and click on the thin green book to get it. It has the number 54 on the cover. Now you have the password, 196254 for the vault hidden on the picture of the cat. Just click on the nose nose of the cat to see the vault. Input 192654 to open it and get the binoculars.

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