Timescape - Time Machine Walkthrough

Timescape - Time Machine WalkthroughFor this game a video and text walkthrough.Start game
First explore and MAKE NOTES of what you see.....outside the window with the X is a car with a coloured panel (note colours). The fridge has a note that we need honey, dried oak leaf and lemon. An we can collect a JAR in the top cupboard above sink. Outside is a mail box with a code on the back.

Next to the computer in the drawers is a MAGNIFYING GLASS. In the cupboard under the jacket is a HAMMER. Go to the kitchen and CLOSE the bedroom door and get a SCREWDRIVER, bottom left.

Enter bedroom and look at the car photo with the magnifying glase and note code which is the PASSWORD for the computer.

We need a SECRET WORD for the first folder. Beside the telephone is a note 4/7. Go to book on bookshelf and find page 7 word 4 and enter in computer. (cant be word 7). You get a number. Enter number in telephone. Press green button and RED LIGHT 1 is active.

Use magnifying glass on yellow note on fridge to get the redlight code 3.
Back to the computer and open the archive folder and zoom (- next to %)out to see the bathroom, now hit the down arrow scroll and stuff up the computer!!!! NOTE the numbers Turn around and enter the numbers on the calendar (it doesnt click or anything) and the panel will reveal the COMPUTER DISC.

Place disc in computer and activate. Open archive folder and scroll down you get new pictures. Thermometer, key one (click to unlock) and red light 3 code (that you got from the yellow note on the fridge using the magnifying glass).

Go to the kitchen and turn around to the TEMPERATURE SWITCH on the wall by the phone and put same as photo from computer. Go to bedroom and turn around to face door and see thermometer, which now has the KEY.

Still in bedroom turn around and enter bathroom and use key on cabinet. Get RESISTOR and see we need to get the 2nd RED LIGHT working.

Exit bedroom and go to the computer and click the ceiling above the bookcase. Use screwdriver and put in resistor. Go to bathroom off bedroom and open cabinet with key, all green lights and enter basement. Look around...pipe seems to be jammed. Go upstairs and turn on the bathroom and kitchen taps. Back down and hit pipe with hammer and get BATTERY.

The goes in the time machine and change buttons to the colours of the time car outside. (y/b/g/p/o). Press black button and the up arrow switch to 2300 and press start. You go to 1950.
OAK LEAF....go outside and get oak seeds and put on shovel to plant.

LEMON..while you are outside in 1950 see padlock on back of mail box and see the code to use on the fridge in 2009.

HONEY...go to kitchen table, open right window, click flower, capture bee in glass and get BEE. Go to typewriter and open left window, look outside and see a place to put the bee.

Typewriter....click the envelope and enter the mailbox code of 2009 and press arrow key. You get an envelope. Go to bedroom and below the gramaphone is a cabinet. Select the envelope and key from cabinet is placed inside. Go outside and mail the envelope.

Go back inside the house and click the year button bottom right to return to 2009.

LEMON...enter padlock code (from 1950) on fridge and get lemon.

HONEY...open window above computer and the bee from 1950 has made a hive. Collect honey in jar from the kitchen.

OAK LEAF...go to bedroom and open window and get a leaf. Turn round and enter kitchen and put leaf on plate on table and open window.

Lets check the MAIL BOX and collect the envelop with the 1950 KEY. Now go back to the kitchen table and get DRIED LEAF.

We can now enter the bathroom and use the 1950 key to open cabinet to get a beaker. Select beaker and add the honey, dried leaf and lemon. Go to time machine and use beaker contens on green shape. When clean put in machine......


Secret word erolmyn phone 9205462
Mailbox FSM1526
System/calendar 11-8-22-7-5
Thermometer dial 20 plus one click
Fridge 8679

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