Europe Escape Walkthrough

Europe Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope a text and video wakkthrough useful.
First view, turn right.
Second view, click on TV on right side and get piece on right edge.
Click down on left drawer of TV stand and see what looks like a completed map of Europe -- this is where you will enter pieces at the end)
Click left top of TV to zoom in on bottom of cabinet behind it -- get piece from beside the left front leg
Go right, click on first aid box and get another piece of red cross on side.
Click on scissors on table and get another piece.
Go right and click on the left bottom of pool table and get another piece in the upper left pocket
Click on hookah pipe behind pool table, get another piece (just above the hook for the red tube)
Click on flower vase on table and get another piece, right at the bottom of main stem.
Turn right in next view, and click behind the couch at the left corner of the cupboard -- then click in that same view to right of the cupboard and get another piece in the corner behind cupboard.
Back to couch view, click the green books on table and get the last piece
Go right 2 times and place pieces in TV stand and then leave out the doors

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