Escape from the Black Box Walkthrough

Escape from the Black Box WalkthroughStart This Game.BOX scene:
get the paper from the wall, and the blanket from the floor
TABLE scene:
get the paper behind the rocks, and the matches under table
CANDLE scene:
drag the matches to the candle, and you'll see a spider web with a bone.
The web is a maze that you have to navigate to pick up the bone, and then get back out with it. If you touch the web, the spider takes the bone back and blows out the candle.
pick up the paper (without touching the spider web) before you leave
(to CHEAT: right-click, don't let go, drag cursor to the bone. then release mouse click. pick up the bone. then right-click again, and drag cursor to the 'safe' spot near the candle before you let go)
DOG scene:
get the paper from the wall and click big poster to see the dog
feed the dog the bone to get the code
count the number of points on each shape, and note their location
LOCK scene:
get the hammer under the pillar, and the paper on the rafter
TABLE scene:
use hammer on the lightbulb, take key from ghost
LOCK scene:
click arrow toward lock to reveal marking on pillar
click marking, and notice that you add green dots to each circle
make it correspond to the points from the dog poster code
FREEZER scene:
give blanket to kid, get knife, get paper from left side
use knife to get cow eye
read the journal, and give the eye to the box
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