Feed Escape 3 And Cat & Dog Escape Walkthrough

Feed Escape 3 And Cat & Dog EscapeWelcome.I hope this video walkthrough useful.Starting the gameDog room --
Open very top right drawer of desk for paper (note ripped paper on desk and lamp has no bulb)
Turn right and take fan from dog picture
Click under bed on left to see paper you can’t reach
Use fan to blow paper to back of bed
In the same zoomed in view, click over bed to access back and get paper
Note code needed for table and turn right
Click on pink books to get paper (note locked cabinet and diary and clock with zodiac symbols)
Turn right and click on bottom right corner of door mat to get key (note silver key you can’t reach)
Turn left and use brown key on locked cabinet to get bulb
Turn left 2 times and use bulb in lamp
Click under left desk drawer to plug lamp to plug in
Open crumpled papers by clicking on them in the about item view
Click notes and add them to the paper on the desk
Note 12 letters and turn on desk lamp to see they correspond to 12 zodiac symbols
Look at clock to read letters in order of the zodiac symbols to get code for table
(You have to use your imagination a bit since there is no letter R, but code is eight two six four)
Enter code in table and click on circle to open drawer to get green key
Use key in dog diary, click on diary to get dog in inventory, and you now have power to jump
Get silver key by door by clicking on dog in inventory and then the key -- use the key to open door

Cat room --
Click on window to see star = 23
Click at right side of table base to get part of broken brown key
Turn right, click on cat picture to see back (note 6%)
Click on pillow to get other part of broken key (note code needed for table)
Turn right, click on bottom cabinet doors to get glue and silver key (note locked cabinet and pink circle = 12)
Turn right and use silver key on door -- yea!! Door’s unlocked!!
Oops! It’s stuck (come on, you knew it wouldn’t be that easy)
Look at glue in about item view to remove lid
Look at broken key in about item view and add glue then the other part of the broken key
Turn left, use brown key on locked cabinet (note pink cat diary is locked)
See blue book for clues to code -- green square = 3 (from 3 little pigs) x blue triangle = 6 (from cat picture) so purple diamond = 18
18 x 23 (from star) x 12 (from clock) = 4968
Turn left, enter 4968, and click circle for pink key
Open cat diary and click page to get cat in inventory for cat punch ability
Click cat in inventory and click door handle to open door
Click cat in inventory again to clean debris (and hit the poor dog on his head)

Living room --
Note picture has cat and dog in outfits for good end
Click on tree to get cat token in branches
Turn right and click on the large square of the cat perch for fox token
Use dog in inventory to reach bear token from AC unit
Turn left to get the token from under the right couch leg where it landed
Turn right 2 times and use dog to get remote (I love the name couch commander!)
Use remote to turn on TV for clue (note you need pencil for notepad on floor)
Click on the bottom of the TV stand (towards right side) for pencil
Use pencil on notepad to see you want the numbers on the back
Using the numbers on the dice opposite the ones shown in the picture, you get 2,6,4 (opposite sides add up to 7)
Enter code in toolbox for screwdriver
Turn right and use screwdriver to open base of left door
The word game uses the last letter of the Japanese word for the animals as the beginning letter for the next animal name -- since I don’t speak Japanese, place the tokens by trial and error (pig, bear, fox, cat)
You can leave now, but won’t get good end!
Click on paper above the table to see letters and click button (I think it makes the mail come, but I am not sure)
Remember pattern from TV to see clue is eight, VI, queen (8, 6 (Roman numeral), and 12 (queen’s placement in a deck of cards)
Enter 8612 and click the circle to get dog’s outfit
Go left 2 times to glass doors and use cat punch to unlock
Open to get pink outfit for cat
Click on an outfit in about item view to dress the animals
Turn right once and use the cat’s punch to get postcard from mailbox (I have no idea what it says)
Turn right and exit -- yea!! The animals won’t starve due to their negligent owner, and they get to see the fireworks!

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