Jekyll & Hyde Walkthrough

Jekyll & HydeWalkthrough (very quick basic one)
Take hat from hatstand and also piece of wood
Click pot plant and take matches from floor
Take screwdriver from window sill
break glass over red switch with piece of wood then press red button to stop fanTake key from under fan blade.
Use key to open desk drawer..take litmus paper.
Rake sweeper from right side of table.
Jiggle corners of black and white picture to make fall down and read recipe.
Take foxtail from top of safe.
Tickle cat.Take roasted newt.
Notice code on chair, Apply same method to word HYDE for safe code.
Take bunsen burner from safe.
Look close up at hat and turn over..see whisker.
Put whisker and newt in beaker.
Test each tube with litmus until you find one matching ph8 colour.
Add this tube to beaker.
Place burner under beaker and light with matches.
Click beaker when boiling.
Take beaker..pour in pot plant.
Click fruit.
Take key
Source: Escape Games 24

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