Find the Numbers Challenge - 24 Walkthrough

Find the Numbers Challenge - 24 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text walkthrough useful.Starting the game level 1
1 in 1st of dance troupe sign
2 on floor
3 sideways brown number in the oranges on the right side
4 in K4 between 18 and 20
5 in 5th year on poster on right side
6 on left Quizno’s sign (white number)
7 gray bar of left fruit stand
8 right wall
9 in casa neon sign
10 red numbers on black Quizno’s advertisement
11 right purple poster
12 white numbers on red poster
13 on fruit container below green apples
14 front black fruit price sign
15 above apricot sign with the 18
16 below the vs on Monsters vs Aliens poster
17 rear black fruit price sign on right side (towards 21)
18 apricot sale sign
19 above black Quizno’s sign
20 on brown crate (to right of 18)
21 below Quizno’s sign
22 on column (above and left of the 5)
23 on gray crate in back
24 to the right of 12 on back wall
25 on ceiling rafter
level 2

1 between yellow fruit and tomatoes in right fruit stand
2 green rind of cut watermelons (at left near apples)
3 halfway up gray column
4 purple in green fruit stand
5 back left corner of grapes basket on ground
6 on ground next to gray column
7 in sign that says buy our “grosory”
8 in 8uy on sign that says buy our “grosory”
9 above orange peppers
10 near upper right corner
11 yellow vegetables in green fruit stand
12 in grass leaves below the 20
13 on awning
14 above left basket on ground
15 on ground between fruit stands
16 below eggplants
17 on red tomatoes
18 on green vegetables on left basket on ground (below 14)
19 inside tent opening
20 in sign that says buy our “grosory”
21 on ground by right grasses
22 in sign that says buy our “grosory”
23 purple numbers in upper left corner
24 in tree leaves between tent and column
25 on tent in white stripe

level 3
1 bottom right of front boat (near the 4)
2 on bottom gray crate (below 10)
3 in rocks between the 20 and 10
4 on dock at bottom right corner
5 in brown and white box below purple tarp (white number)
6 on red box as blue number
7 on lower wall above purple bowl
8 in rocks to left of stacked red crates
9 on stacked red crates
10 white numbers on right gray crate
11 wood crossbeams of red boat
12 on white and orange pumpkin in front boat
13 on wood crates in left corner
14 in purple tarp
15 on ground below left buckets
16 in water next to red boat
17 tie downs of gray tarp
18 on back wall
19 to right of 9 on side of crate
20 on yellow box below the 6
21 on box above 10
22 in teal tarp
23 in pineapple leaves
24 on wood dock above red boat
25 in oranges
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