Curry Room Escape Walkthrough

Curry Room Escape WalkthroughWelcome To This Game Walkthrough
I hope this video Solution useful
From this video,thanks escapegames1
Look at calendar and see horse picture
Turn right
Click under left side of couch for curry and scissors
Click to right of back pillows to see red key (can’t reach)
Click to the bottom right of couch arm to get yellow square behind couch
Turn right get curry (note locks on cabinet and star under right drawer of tall cabinet)
Click to left of colored lock cabinet to get plate of curry behind it
Turn right and click to get stick beside low table on floor
Click on box on table and re-create horse picture to open box and get yellow key (the picture is rotated 90 degrees so the nose is in the upper left corner)
Click under table and use scissors to get blue key and then turn on yellow light
Click to right of tall cabinet in this screen to get yellow ball
Turn left and use yellow key to get curry and pliers
Use blue key to get remote
Click under tall cabinet to get star with pliers
Turn left and click to right of couch pillows and get red key using stick
Turn right and use red key to get screwdriver and curry
Turn right and use screwdriver on metal plate -- turn on yellow light to make projector work
Turn left and note projected shape can be “folded” mentally to make a cube with numbers and colors
Turn left and use remote on AC unit on wall (calendar falls down)
Click where the calendar was and put in star, ball, and square to get image on screen
Use the projected shape to fill in the ? with corresponding numbers
Code is 4092 (note, some say this won’t work correctly and you will get 4032)
Go left and enter 4092, press orange button, and then click on door to leave

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