The Freewill Cycle - Volume 1 Walkthrough

The Freewill Cycle - Volume 1 Text Walkthrough

I hope there aren't any mistakes but please correct if there are...

Zoom to paper on mable table. Move papers to reveal password for computer above.
Enter password on the computer. Get bold text clues in e-mails from J. Davies.
Get excited you were the winning bidder for a Barry Manilow plasmadisc and wonder if you should ask admin to see the spam mail (just kidding).
Open door and proceed to corridor.
Go forward.
Zoom into the floor level grate on the right and get L4 KEYCARD.
Back out and turn left. Use keycard on card panel. (it will work...promise)
Enter office.
Zoom into computer on the Maple desk. Enter code and get clues from the bold text.
Go back.
Zoom into Gold storage unit to the left, click on it and note colours/numbers.
Go back.
Zoom into top of plant.
Click on it to make a key fall.
Go back.
Zoom into base of plant for KEY.
Go back.
Go right.
Zoom into filing cabinet. Open bottom drawer. Get a file and get PAPER CLIP.
Go back. Go back. Turn right. Open door and enter corridor.
Turn left, go forward, forward, forward.
Turn left and enter door. Enter the Laser Assembler room.
Turn left and get Metal DESK LEG.
Zoom into grey box and use paper clip to get VALVE WHEEL.
Back out, turn right, turn right.
Zoom into black cabinets and use key on right door to get a GLASS BEAKER.
Go back, turn right and enter corridor.
Turn left and enter the Station Reactor room.
Turn right and put the desk leg into the reactor.
Zoom into right hand of the reactor and pull handle to energise.
Go back, turn right and enter corridor.
Go forward, go forward, go forward, turn left.
Enter the Plasma Sythesizer room.
Zoom into plasma canisters and enter the code water code for each colour.
Turn right, zoom into plasma sythesizer.
Place valve wheel onto right hand spigot and push the red button to get a RED ROD.
Go back to the corridor and goto the Laser Assembler room.
Click on the black/yellow panel to enter the correct frequency.
Go back and zoom into laser assembler table.
Click handle to place on table and attach the red rod. Click the left switch to get a HEATER.
Go to the plasma synthesizer room and enter the hot water codes into the plasma canisters.
Place glass beaker under the red button, use heater on the right hand brown water pipe (helps to have sound) and push the red button to get liquid TEMPORAL ARMOR.
Go to the Station Reactor room, zoom into radio active window and use the liquidon it. It will change colour and you will drink it.
Return to the first room and enter the 'Matter' room. Click on the matter and out.

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