Six Keys Escape 2 Walkthrough

Six Keys Escape 2 Text Walkthrough
-zoom in on plant, first blue key on the pot.
-go right, check the right side of the pool table -> code
-go right, check the tv: pink key behind it.
-click the sofa, on the front right leg of the tool there is a grey spot -> the third key.
-go right, zoom in the cabinet -> yellow key in books.
-zoom out, check the table: the green key is in the shaddow of the teapot.
go right again and zoom on the desk. in the right you will se the plant and on the corner of the desk is the last key
-while still zoomed on the desk, click the drawer. you can type in the code there and put in the keys:
red, blue, pink,
green, gray, yellow
You can escape now!
Six Keys Escape 2 Video Walkthrough

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