Gambling Room Escape Walkthrough

I hope this text and video walkthrough useful
You can play the game from the link below
From this video,thanks Escapegames1
Click on green Lamp and get key located on the left hand side of light shade.
Zoom out and then click under right hand side of desk to get wrench underneath.
Click on silver Pipe and above wheel, get first horseshoe.
Turn left and click on window with green curtain and open it to see it is boarded up.
Zoom out and then zoom into plant in corner and count the leaves, which are spades. Five of them.
Turn left and zoom in to piled up boxes on the floor and click in between the two top right ones and a safe will appear.
Open it with the golden key. Place the first horseshoe found in the bottom slot to right of clubs, spades etc.
Turn left and click on hat stand and get pliers.
Now go to boarded up window and remove the four nuts with pliers and you will see a brick wall. It will also say "I love Jazz" using a heart, so you know you have to count one heart.
Use pliers in the right bottom corner of the brick wall to get second horseshoe.m
Click under the table to see 3 diamonds on the rug, so you now know you have to count 3 diamonds for the safe.
I'm not sure where you count for the clubs, but the amount for the clubs is 2.
Now in safe, put in one heart, 5 spades, 2 clubs and 3 diamonds and the safe should open. Use wrench on cannon to get wheel.
Zoom in on door and put wheel in door opening and you're out

Source: Escape Games 24

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