Hamster Escape Walkthrough

Start , Note you are too fat to fit through door
Turn right -- get thimble; move ball to get cotton (paper?)
Use thimble under water source in corner to fill with water
Look up -- get stick
Look down and turn right
Click on wheel and say yes to exercise -- pick up red ball
Turn right -- place red ball in blue hole
Place stick on top and click left side to flip dish
Place cotton in dish
Turn right -- enter house (exercise works!)
Click on left and middle couch cushions to get seed
Note tunnel is locked (green area on left of screen)
Leave house and turn left
Place seed on cotton in dish and water with thimble
Pick up paper clip that falls
Turn right, enter house, and use paperclip on locked tunnel
(See more hidden food and understand why you were fat)
Take fork and click on seed bag to move -- exposes safe in corner
Note it says to count seeds -- leave tunnel, exit house, turn left and count seeds
(3 corn, 2 gray, 2 kibbles, and 4 brown seeds)
Open safe and get key
Leave tunnel, exit house, and turn left
Use key on lock and fork to open door
Congratulations! You’re out!!

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