The Kitchen Knife 2 Walkthrough

Its getting a bit confusing, so here is a walkthru....

Get black door KNOB off floor and HATCHET behind door.

Go outside and use hatchet on grass twice. Get PLANK on left side of house.

Use hatchet on planks to cut them up.

Straighten fridge doors to get CAT & DUCT TAPE. Cut duct tape with hatchet and use duct tape on fridge.

Get NAILS from right side of grey cabinet. Enter bottom drawer of cabinet and use hatchet to get TUBE.

Examine hatchet and select tube to make HAMMER.

Select wood/nails/hammer to make STOOL.

Straighten kitchen cabinets and place stool in front of sink. Use hammer on top cupboards to fix.
Remove tube from hatchet to change it back to a hatchet.

Put door in place, the door knob doesnt stay in place.

Select nails and click on top of grey cabinet a few times to get SHARP NAIL.

Select hatchet and click on top of grey cabinet a few times to get FLAMING HATCHET. Use hatchet on door several times to get white clouds and 'icicle' in top corner by grey cabinet is now bigger.

Place stool under icicle and select cat. Cat jumps up and slides down. Select cat and click top of grey cabinet a few times. Now try the icicle/cat again.

Select hatchet and put on tube to make FLAMING HAMMER. Select icicle /nail/hammer and make a door knob to put in door and escape.

Source: Escape Games 24

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